Cost of Living in Belize | Price List of Goods

I thought I would post a list of prices for those of you looking to travel, or better yet, make a move to Belize. Keep in mind this list will be based on prices in San Ignacio, Cayo District. However you will find similar prices around the country, unless you're heading to San Pedro on Ambergis Caye, where the economy is strictly tourist driven and therefore has a higher cost of living.

I'll give prices in Belizean Dollars (BZD). To get the US equivalent just divide by 2.

Coffee (package of ground bean) = $12-$15 BZD

Cup of coffee at restaurant = $2 BZD (no free refills)

Cappuccino at restaurant = $6 BZD

Gasoline = $7.50/gal BZD  

   •It costs me around $100 BZD to fill my tank on a Jeep Wrangler

Bottle of beer (local brand) = $4 BZD

Packaged pasta = $1/bag BZD

Pasta sauce = $1.25 BZD

Toilet paper = $5.75 BZD (4 rolls)

Loaf of bread = $4 BZD

Pastry/donut = $1 BZD

Cigarettes (local brand) = $6/pk BZD

Taxi ride (local ride) = $2 BZD

Sugar = $1.25 BZD

Milk = $2.95 BZD

"Fast food" stands = 3 tacos for $1 BZD.95 BZD

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