The Haunted Bridge of Avon, Indiana | Indiana Architectural Photography

The Haunted Bridge of Avon, Indiana is a spooky bridge with a troubled past. Spanning approximately 300 feet and rising to a height of about 70 feet, it's an imposing structure whose image graces the Avon town seal today.

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Haunted Bridge | Avon Indiana | Image By Indiana Architectural Photographer Jason Humbracht

Avon Haunted Bridge

Avon Indiana | Haunted Bridge | Image By Indiana Architectural Photographer Jason Humbracht

Ghost Archer

While the legends vary from person to person, a general consensus can be drawn from everyone: don’t go near this haunted bridge at night. And if you do? Visitors will hear the moans and grunts of a figure (some claim there are multiple ghosts). If you dare to cross the bridge, particularly on a hot day in summer, you’re likely to see tears along the bridge, dripping from the ghost. Others insist you’ll also hear the heartbreaking and chilling cries of a woman crying for her child.

So who is this mystery ghost? Different stories abound, though many focus on a construction worker falling and dying face down in the cement during the bridge’s construction. Some tales claim this man was an alcoholic and was removed the next day. Others claim the man actually landed within the bridge’s supporting framework and that the construction crew left his body there, sealing it with cement. Bold claims even insist that a limb poked out and was roughly cut off to polish off the final look of this bridge.

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Haunted Bridge | Avon Indiana | Image By Indiana Architectural Photographer Jason Humbracht

Ghost Train

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Haunted Bridge Avon Indiana | Image By Indiana Architectural Photographer Jason Humbracht

From Below

In addition to these tales, other residents claim a woman and her sick baby were crossing the bridge at the same time as a train. To save them, the woman dove into the water, but her baby was killed. This woman, they claim, died days later of a broken heart. Many actually believe the construction worker, the baby, and the woman all haunt the bridge. (source)

Haunted Bridge Avon Indiana | Image By Indiana Architectural Photographer Jason Humbracht

Frozen Tears


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  1. Les Barr March 8, 2017 at 11:09 pm #

    Interesting post, Sir. Over here in PA there are a few places that are reported to be haunted, also. The Oley High School is one of them. Haunted by 2 spirits from the old schools past. I attended school in this exact building back in the early 60’s. I did walk thru the old school, but did not hear or see anything. Another place is the old Barge Holding Dam at Grings Mill. It is reported that the Spirit of a woman still walks the towpath from the mules & horses that pulled the barges up and down the canal. Distraught over her lover cheating on her back in the 1800’s, she drowned herself in the canal. They say that a light can be seen on certain nights walking in the area, but no one is there.

    • March 8, 2017 at 11:35 pm #

      I love stuff like this! Unfortunately I’ve been to this bridge, both day and night, and nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

      Strange things used to happen in my childhood home that was built in the late 1800s in MI. A full floors lights would turn on while everyone was in bed. I actually saw a “being” on a college break in the late 90s. I’ll never forget it.

      Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you liked the post. Cheers

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