My name is Jason Humbracht and I am an architectural & travel photographer living in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. I love to travel, and I’ve visited much of the United States, as well as most of Eastern Europe, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Amsterdam, and Cuba to name a few. Most recently I was living in Belize for six months, driving through Mexico to get there and back. I prefer shooting landscapes, architecture, urbex, and night photography, although I will photograph almost anything. Nearly all of my posted photos are available for purchase or can be licensed for personal or commercial use.






Locally, I am an architectural photographer specializing in residential and commercial real estate photography. As an Indiana architectural photographer, I photograph for a variety of clients ranging from photos for real estate companies, images for contractors and builders, photos of new constructions for development companies, images for architectural firms and interior designers, and many other types of photography needed by local businesses.






All photos on this webpage, unless otherwise stated, were taken by Indiana Architectural & Travel Photographer Jason Humbracht and are protected under copyright law. Unauthorized use of any photo on this website is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. Commercial and personal photo licenses are available on most photographs on this website. For more information, please fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly.







All images were taken by and copyright Jason Humbracht | Indiana Architectural & Travel Photographer

Jason Humbracht | jhumbracht@gmail.com | 317 820 9010

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