Bald Eagle Sighting on Reed’s Lake in Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have seen bald eagles in the wild a handful of times, and it never ceases to impress me.  These birds of prey are massive!  With a wingspan of 6-8 feet they are bigger than me, and I'm 6'3".

That said I have only ever spotted them in Northern Michigan.  So it was quite a treat when I was on Reed's Lake in East Grand Rapids taking pictures about to call it a day, when a HUGE bird swooped over by some trees.  I watched it hoping it was what I thought it was. When it landed on a branch I had to be a bald eagle!  From the distance I was at it looked like a giant black mass amongst the tree branches.

Unfortunately I had been using my new Sigma wide angle lens and couldn't zoom in to check for sure.  So I ran to my car, drove up next to the tree it was in, switched to my Tamron 10-270mm, and took as many pics as the bird would allow.  I didn't have my Tamron 200-400mm lens on me, but I think these turned out pretty decent...




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