8185 Sycamore Rd, Indianapolis | Indiana Real Estate Photography

8185 Sycamore Rd, Indianapolis

Gorgeous home for sale priced at $2,195,000.

Another fun shoot for one of my favorite real estate agents. These giant multi-million dollar homes are always a treat to shoot for a couple of reasons:  

  1. There are awesome architectural details around every corner
  2. The shoots seem to run smoother since I'm not trying to stuff myself between a giant bookcase and a dresser 

There are two images that stood out to me as my favorites. I loved the master bath shot with the morning light hitting that awesome "free-standing" bathtub. Also the tub is reflected nicely in the shower glass. My second fave is the breakfast area simply because of......wait for it......the light!

Check out these images of a stylish downtown Indianapolis condo at my post 611 N Park, Indianapolis | Indiana Real Estate Photography. For tips how to shoot better real estate photos, go to my post Interior Real Estate Photography: 5 Tips for Better Results.


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